8 Pin Octagon Tubular Pick

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5.90 Ounces

8 Pin Octagon Tubular Pick

Made to order.

The 8 Pin Octagon Tubular Lock Pick has an octagonal center plug rather than the round of the standard. It uses the octagon center plug to rotate the plug rather than the round plug with a key way.

Tubular locks have a variety of pins arranged in a circular pattern, most tubular locks use 7 or 8 pins, some may even have off set pins. 
The Tubular Lock Picks have feeler picks that spiral the tube and correspond to pins in a tubular lock.  When the Tubular Lock Pick is inserted into a lock, the lock pin springs cause resistance moving the feeler picks.  When set correctly, the different depths of the feeler picks will mimic the locks key causing the lock to open when rotated.

Made in USA

If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.