What some of our customers have to say about our products and customer service...  

Good morning Southern Specialties staff and friends. I placed an order after working with some of your products owned by a friend of mine. I am writing to say thank you for your promptness with getting my order sent out, and everything being on time. I'd give your business a 10 out of 10 any time if asked. I am one to appreciate promptness and manors, two areas where you guys excel without a doubt. So thank you, and my company and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. ~Andrew H.    

 ...many thanks for the excellent communication and service! ~ Perry N.  

Thank you--I must admit I wasn't expecting the refund, but your honest conduct has impressed me. ~ John P.    

 I just want to say Thank you for all your help and support as many would have given up I know I nearly did. Bless you and if I need anything else from your company I will be sure to order from you. Southern Specialties and Customer Satisfaction is what you should be called. AAA+++ ~ ALex V. 

Wow thank you guys very much for refunding me on shipping, it did look pretty high when i was ordering. You defiantly have made a new customer. Hope to order more from you in the future!  ~ Brandon  H.  

 Thanks for the great service!  I am sure we will do more orders in the future and I will also pass on your info to others.  ~ Steve S.  

Wow, great communication!...thanks for the great service. ~ Derrick P.  

Thank you for the great communication and quick delivery.  I will definitely order again. ~ Erich S.  

Thank you so much. In my opinion you guys are the best of the best, top notch. I will only do business with your company and I have let all of my locksmith buddies know about you guys. If I can do anything to help promote your company or enhance your revenue please feel free to let me know at any time. Your Customer for life ~ Jason C.
I ordered your 30 piece LRH lock pick set on March 30, 2012 and had my ordered delivered by April 2, 2012. I live in Alabama and i some how selected 2nd day delivery and your customer service corrected this mistake for me and saved me money. I was HIGHLY impressed with this. It got to me just in time for me to use them for my job within an hour after receiving them. Your lock picks are the absolute best i have ever used and i can honestly say you have earned a life long customer. Thank you for making such a high quality product and having such great customer service. ~ Nathaniel  H.       

 (Representative) was able to provide excellent customer service by going above and beyond my expectations as a consumer.  She showed a sincere concern for my needs. She also initiated a way to save me some of my hard earned money on postage..I just wanted to express my appreciation for such a great business and awesome staff member. Thank you!! ~ De'andre T.  

Thank you very much for the reply...I'm very impressed with your customer service.  I will not only always use you for my lock needs, but will tell everyone I know and come across.  Thank you again for the fantastic service. ~ Destin W.       

Awesome.  Thank you very much for the credit and for taking the time to help save me money.  I will be a returning customer in the future. ~ Steve F.   
Wow! Thank you so much..that means a lot to me...I appreciate the help so much! ~ Jon S.  

Wow!!! Thank you very much!!! How thoughtful!!! We truly appreciate you. ~ Stacy S.      

Wow, that's service. Thanks. ~ Jon L.  

Received it this morning (quite fast!), everything is perfect... ~ Nagan (France)  

 Thank you very much for that.  I'm pleasantly surprised.  It is great to know that Southern Specialties strives to please their customers. ~ Dylan R.I've pick locks since I was 12 and I'm currently 30 and I've carried a south ord jackknife set on my key chain for over 10 years (mine is from their first production run) Until I found your set there was nothing that came close to it. Yours blows it out of the water! ~ Ryan B.   

 Thank you for your attention, concern, and diligence.  That is true customer service. ~ William L.   

 Thanks a bunch.  I had read that you guys have good service, and this is evidence. ~ Barton H.    

 Wow!! Thank you so much for the refund on overpayment of shipping. You have earned my business for life. I have already told my co worker about this. To often companies pocket that. You are a very honest business. Thanks again ~ Joe M.      

 Thank you very much!  This is the first time I've ordered from your website, but you've made me a loyal customer... ~ Colin W. 

 The FALE Association of Locksport Enthusiasts wholly endorses the product of Southern Specialties, Co.  Our group having history with them for several years through several members, we have never had anything but outstanding service from Southern Specialties and the quality of their tools cannot be matched.  Most recently, the introduction of the Black Diamond product line has been an incredible move forward in their already fantastic material.  This steel has amazing thinness that is still very rigid, providing excellent durability without the sacrifice of feedback while picking.  We have used virtually all of the tools Southern Specialties has made and even with our full satisfaction, Southern Specialties has always been very open to feedback regarding their product offerings and ideas about new items for production.  We're especially excited about the work Southern Specialties is doing with their "Zip Picks"; durable, portable and easy to use shim-style ziptie and handcuff picks have become a must-have for our conferences and personal-carry kits.  All-in-all, there is no better company in the world of locksmithing and locksport to meet your picking needs than Southern Specialties, Co.     

 ...Thank you very much.  You not only make quality products but your service is outstanding.  ~ Rick M.   

 ...Thank you so much.  It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is courteous and pleasant.  It is also nice to support American business.  I will promote your products where ever I go and mention your company, as well as your name. ~ Greg L.  

 My wife ordered a product from you guys and we were very impressed with the service we received from the staff fast shipping and speedy delivery...we sincerely thank Michelle for her help...and the item we ordered works great, really impressed...we plan on ordering more products from your company and we'll definitely tell a friend to shop at Southern Specialties. ~ The Londons    

I would just like to say that I ordered one of these kits earlier this year for myself and it was exactly what I was looking for.  No nonsense tools that are effective and affordable, while still giving me that sense of reliability...Keep up the good work ~ Justin Y. (Australia)  

Nice work and thank you for good customer service. ~ Niklas (Demark)     

Thank you for this amazing customer service :) ~ Ryan U.  

Excellent customer service you've got. ~ Derek    

...I was very satisfied with the aluminum pick set I ordered and have recommend your products to a few people on the online community... ~ Julian G.    

Our daughter is thrilled with the sets.  Thank you so much.  We are extremely appreciative that you were able to make this happen. We are definitely going to do business with you again and tell all our friends! ~ Meg & Doug