12 Piece Classic 2500 Series Lock Pick Set

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12E Lock Pick Set (2500 Series)

This set comes with 6 lock picks that are .025 inch thick.  They have under gone a secondary finishing process to smooth and round all edges. Our #6E Bogota® pick has a hand finishing process (See close up) that provides a smooth fluid like surface. 

The 6 turning tools come with 2 different and 3 different thickness.

Thicknesses Color Code:

  • Red 3" long .030” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide
  • White 3" long .040” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide
  • Blue 3" long .050” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide

The short leg allows the tool to be inserted into a key-way at the center of the plug (TOK) and should not interfere with the #1 pin. The long leg turning tool is used at the edge of the plug. 

  • 1T-LPH Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond
  • 2T-LPH Euro Hollow Half Diamond
  • 3T-LPH Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond
  • 4T-LPH Euro Slim Line Short Hook
  • 6T-LPH Euro Wave Jiggler (Bogota®)
  • 5T-LPH Euro Modified Curve

If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.

Made in USA



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  • 5
    Amazing starter set!

    Posted by Mark on 16th Jul 2021

    If you’re just getting started in lock sport or just want to try your hand at it. This set is the best thing you could get. The picks are all extremely useful profiles. The picks are finished to the point that you don’t need to do a polish on them. Plus you get 6 of the most useful tension tools ever created. Thrown in on top of that. You get to choose your style of case. I like the brown cases personally. There are lots of lock pick sets to choose from on the market. But for the money, you’ll be hard pressed to find better pick set.

  • 5
    2500 Series are the smoothest Lock Pick Set

    Posted by Jerry Cobb on 5th Mar 2021

    I bought this set years ago and have purchased many other brands since then. This 12 Piece Classic 2500 Series Lock Pick Set is the smoothest set compared to all the others I have purchased. They easily slide across the pins and feel very comfortable in my hand. I would tackle any key way these picks would fit in before trying other picks from various manufacturers.

  • 5
    Great Deal

    Posted by Kyle on 11th Sep 2020

    This is a high quality product at a great price.

  • 5
    12 piece pick set

    Posted by JR on 18th Jun 2020

    Great all around set of picks and tension bars! Nice little leather case. Well worth the money!

  • 5
    12 Piece 2500 Series

    Posted by Chris Jones on 2nd Mar 2020

    Great beginner set. Picked my first lock (PACLOCK) with this set. Quality is superb.

  • 5
    great set

    Posted by knud on 29th Sep 2019

    the picks are super well finished, and the new learher pouch looks great

  • 5
    Excellent product for a beginner

    Posted by Matt on 9th Sep 2019

    Extremely high quality product that comes with a handy little leather carrying case. The picks are well made and I suspect they will hold up for years.

  • 4
    Great starter kit

    Posted by Matthew A Townsdin on 28th Aug 2019

    This was a great step up from my cheap chinesium kit that I purchased a few years ago. The finish on these picks are amazing and super polished. I didn't realize it was a "euro" kit when I ordered it, but I've really found each pick to be useful for different things. I also love the color bands on the tension wrenches to help identify the gauge of metal used. If I had one complaint it would be the TOK tensioners. I have a really hard time getting them to stay in the keyway so that I can apply pressure. Still a great kit overall!

  • 5
    Good beginners set

    Posted by Ben on 17th May 2019

    This is a great selection of picks for beginners without a lot fluff that tends to comes in kits. The finish is well done and the handles are nice to hold. 6 torque wrenches are provided, with 3 different thicknesses. Overall, I'm happy with this product and would recommend it to other beginners looking to get into lock picking.