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12 Piece Classic 2500 Series Lock Pick Set

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12E Lock Pick Set (2500 Series)

This set comes with 6 lock picks that are .025 inch thick.  They have under gone a secondary finishing process to smooth and round all edges. Our #6E Bogota® pick has a hand finishing process (See close up) that provides a smooth fluid like surface. 

The 6 turning tools come with 2 different and 3 different thickness.

Thicknesses Color Code:

  • Red 3" long .030” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide
  • White 3" long .040” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide
  • Blue 3" long .050” Thick
    • .50" leg, .125" wide
    • .25" leg, .094" wide

The short leg allows the tool to be inserted into a key-way at the center of the plug (TOK) and should not interfere with the #1 pin. The long leg turning tool is used at the edge of the plug. 

  • #1E Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond
  • #2E Euro Hollow Half Diamond
  • #3E Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond
  • #4E Euro Slim Line Short Hook
  • #6E Euro Wave Jiggler (Bogota®)
  • #9E Euro Modified Curve

If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.

Made in USA



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  • 5
    First Lock Pick Set

    Posted by Rick on 1st Jan 2017

    This is my first lock pick set. I bought this in addition to a clear padlock (from another site). I didn't come with any instructions but there are plenty of videos on Youtube. From my experience it is a great beginner set and would recommend them.

  • 5
    Great Beginner Set

    Posted by Dallas Del Rio on 18th Oct 2016

    I'm a novice lock picker and I decided on this as my first set. The bogota and DeForest Diamond are really great tool and the various tension wrenches allow you a lot of freedom to play around with new locks. After my first day of going on a picking spree with the locks lying around my house, my fingers began hurting a little from the thin metal being pressed into my skin, but it's totally normal and should start callousing soon so I can keep on pickin'. Overall great set and I highly recommend it for people just starting out.

  • 4
    *Almost* perfect

    Posted by Michael Cotton on 29th Aug 2016

    These are a good first set like most people say, although with their more dedicate/European profiles, a newcomer will likely bend them quite a bit and need to buy another one after working their way up to more advanced locks. But I want to add that for an experienced picker these are an almost perfect pocket/EDC kit. Add in a mini knife (which'll fit into the little pouch with what it already comes with), and you're set. The finishing was excellent, the selection of picks is ideal for dealing with most pin tumblers and one-sided wafer locks (If I had to choose six picks, I'd choose at least five of these six (the "hollow half-diamond" is a good substitute for a half ball). That's what really sold me on it. In fact, I've grown so fond of the reacher pick in this kit that I'll be keeping one in my big kit from now on. A lot of people use a small half diamond to knock up a stubborn low pin, which I also did, but now I really prefer to use this reacher for that job.), and the top & bottom tension wrenches in the three thicknesses are a good choice too. You'd rarely run into a situation where you'd need anything more sophisticated. My one big gripe is that the tension wrenches REALLY need to be an inch longer. When holding onto a padlock, I sometimes have to give up some tension control and arch my finger to hold it comfortably. An extra half inch would've been enough for me, and an extra inch would be enough to make them comfortable for about anyone. That shouldn't be too expensive of a change for them to make, and it would turn this into a kit that I would strongly recommend to other experienced pickers as an economical but high-quality, well-rounded every day carry which doesn't really need any modification. (You can always cut the tension tools shorter, but you can't make them longer without replacing them.) So, it's 4 stars. It'll be 5 if they make the tension tools an inch longer.

  • 4
    Great First Set

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2016

    This is a great set of picks, my first set as a beginner and I love them. I did a lot of research to choose these as my first set and I am satisfied. The tension wrenches are nice I always have one I need for the job.

  • 4
    Good set

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2016

    Great set for the cost. Picks are sturdy and comfortable. Im glad they included a variety of tension wrenches. That is just as important as the picks. Docked a star because I feel the knuckle and diamond are functionally similar, and the knuckle could have been replaced with a different pick, and the top of the keyway wrenches seemed to fall out more than they could be used.

  • 4
    this is my first lock pick set i didnt make my self

    Posted by Blake on 22nd Jun 2016

    I like the variety of lock picks it makes for a good beginners pick set. I like the different thickness of tenchen wrenches but I think southern specialities made the top of the key way tenchen wrenches to long and I had to file my length down. Over all I'm very happy with the inexpensive beginners lock pick set i got and I've gotten into alot of locks already, thank you southern specialty.

  • 5
    First Kit, Very Satisfied

    Posted by Brian on 17th Jun 2016

    I should clarify, although I am new to this hobby, I made a point to be well versed in brands, reviews, various kits, and their applications. That said, I was expecting high quality with this set and I was not disappointed. The reviews for this product on other sites were what sold me on it, and for the price, I've found that this set is exactly what it was sold to me as. It's a low cost, very high quality set that hasn't failed me yet. I am very careful with the picks and so I notice when they bend even slightly. They're not so used yet that I've broken any of them, but I have used the medium (red handle) tension wrenches and the half hook more than anything else so I will probably be buying more of those in order to prevent being out of commission in the event that they ever do break. I have no criticisms of this set whatsoever, but as my kit grows I will likely end up needing a different pouch, because this one was designed to hold these 12 pieces and no more. However, Southern Specialties has gained a loyal customer and it would take something exclusive for me to buy from another company.

  • 5
    A great addition to the arsenal or a great place to start.

    Posted by Scott on 15th Jun 2016

    The advertising is correct; the finish is the best of any of the brands I have bought.They feel more stiffer and more substantial than their 0.25 thickness suggests. This is particularly true of the Bogota, which has an unbelievable finish and a really nice softening of the top and bottom edges; it slides in and out of the keyway smoothly and without flex. Very nice. The reach tool is new to me, but seems like it could be a very useful addition to my EDC. The tension tools are the most useful of any of the pocket sets that I own. For the first time I get a variation in thickness, as well as width; so I can give up less of the keyway to the tension tool...big smiley face. I'd like them even more if they had a twist in the shank (hint). I think this might be the best general purpose kit on the market.

  • 5
    12 pc 2500 series is awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2016

    Bought this kit - shipping was fast .! Was picking in 2 days with this nicely finished set . Picks are nice (no sharp edges ) and the tension tools are perfect , with just the perfect variety . THANKS !!