60 Piece Lockpick Set

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60 Piece Set

This 60 Piece set is for the professional who demands the finest tools and selection available for any situation.  This set includes 49 lock pick profiles, 20 have Plain Ripple Handles, 20 have Laminated Ripple Handles, 4 have the Twist Flex treatment, and 4 come with our exclusive Laminated Ripple Core Handle.  Also included a Utility Wafer Jiggler and 11 tension wrenches.

  • #01 Hybrid Offset (LRH)
  • #02 Small Diamond (LRH)
  • #03 Large Diamond (LRH)
  • #04 Half Ball (LRH)
  • #05 Single Ball (LRH)
  • #06 Double Ball (LRH)
  • #07 Broken Key Extractor (LRH)
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top) (LRH)
  • #09 Medium Hook (round top) (LRH)
  • #10 Long Hook (flat top) (LRH)
  • #11 Snake (3/7 rake) (LRH)
  • #12 Camel Back (LRH)
  • #13 Saw Tooth (LRH)
  • #14 Ramped (LRH)
  • #1E Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond (LRH) 
  • #2E Euro Hollow Half Diamond (LRH) 
  • #3E Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond (LRH)  
  • #4E Euro Slim Line Short Hook (LRH)  
  • #5E Euro Offset Half Ball (LRH)
  • #6E Euro Wave Jiggler (Bogota®) (LRH)
  • #03 Large Diamond (PRH)
  • #04 Half Ball (PRH)
  • #05 Single Ball (PRH)
  • #07 Broke Key Extractor (PRH)
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top) (PRH)
  • #09 Medium Hook (round top)(PRH)
  • #10 Long Hook (flat top)(PRH)
  • #14 Ramped(PRH)
  • #15 Half Double Ball (PRH)
  • #16 Triple Diamond(PRH)
  • #17 FALE Reach (PRH)
  • #1E Euro Slim Line Offset Diamond (PRH)
  • #2E Euro Hollow Half Diamond (PRH)
  • #3E Euro Straight Shank Half Diamond (PRH)
  • #4E Euro Slim Line Short Hook (PRH)
  • #5 E Euro Offset Half Ball (PRH)
  • #6E Euro Wave Jiggler (Bogota®) (PRH)
  • #7E Euro Notch Fulcrum Lifter (PRH)
  • #8E Euro Saw Tooth (PRH)
  • #01 Hybrid Offset (LRCH)
  • #02 Small Diamond (LRCH)
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top) (LRCH)
  • #13 Saw Tooth (LRCH)
  • #08 Short Hook (flat top) (RTFH)
  • #11 Snake (3/7 rake) (RTFH
  • #12 Camel Back (RTFH)
  • #13 Saw Tooth (RTFH)
  • #00 Single End Tension Tool
  • #01 Double Ended Short Tension Tool
  • #02 Single End Short Tension Tool
  • #03 Twist Flex Tension Tool
  • #04 Long Double Ended Tension Tool
  • #05 Twist Flex Long Tension Tool
  • #06 Recessed Tension Tool
  • #15 Double Sided Tension Tool
  • #16 Double Ended Tension Tool
  • 612 Tension Tool
  • Bullnose Tension Tool
  • Utility Wafer Jiggler

If for any reason this product fails return item for a free repair or replacement.

Made in USA


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  • 5
    Awesome set

    Posted by Daniel on 22nd May 2023

    I was waiting all day to get done with work to play around with this set. The case is small but it holds a bunch of tools, the tools themselves came in perfect condition and the added note I got with the shipment just made this an awesome end to the day. I will be purchasing more in the future, very pleasant experience with this company!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Cornell on 4th Sep 2017

    This is the third 65 piece lock pick set I've ordered. I gave one to a locksmith friend a couple of years ago, and use the 2 sets I have on a daily basis. Love the picks!

  • 4
    Thumbs up on this set of picks

    Posted by The Pickster on 3rd Sep 2015

    The variety of picks in this kit is great. I can't see needing anything that isn't in here. The case is very nice. I have the 32 pick set from Southord and the case on this one is much better. The only quibble I have is the thin steel. I believe this is spring steel and I was accustomed to the stiffer stainless alloy used by Southord. Nevertheless, it is still a good set and is recommended.