8/60 Covert Pocket Tools

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Covert Pocket Tool Set - 13 Tools 

  • 8/60 Lock Pick Tool Set

    • 7T  Hook, Medium Flat
    • 8T  Hook, Large Round
    • 11T  Wave Rake Large Quad Cycloid
    • 12T  Wave Rake Small Quint Cycloid
    • Z Bar
  • 8/60 Comb Picks

    • 4-Pin Comb: Master 40mm series solid body padlocks and various clones of this common design. (M140, M141, etc.)
    • 5-Pin Comb: Master 50 and 60mm solid body padlocks and some Abus padlocks. (M150, M160, Abus 55/60)
    • 6-Pin Comb (Standard): Master 6-Pin Puck Locks and Trailer Hitch locks (A2000, A2001, 6271), American Series 748 and other locks utilizing the American 2001 series cylinder
    • 6-Pin Comb (Thin): This comb works on all the above 6-Pin cylinders and those with tighter keyways. 
  • 8/60 Jigglers & Quick Stick

    • This set is composed of our three most useful jigglers. This tool is fairly simple to use as it does not require the use of a separate tension tool, since the method of use involves a built-in tension. The set is for standard size wafer key ways (Filing cabinets, access panels, and even car doors are often vulnerable). 

    • Designed to quickly open many heel and toe locking dogs on padlocks, as well as keyways on most file cabinet locks and tool chests. By simply bypassing the pins on a keyway all together, the Quick Stick can release the locking dog faster than standard picking often can.