OSS Bypass Set

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Covert Bypass Set

This set is composed of our three most useful jigglers and our 4, 5 & 6 Pin Comb Picks.

These Jigglers are for standard size wafer key ways (Filing cabinets, access panels, and even car doors are often vulnerable).

Comb Picks are bypass tools designed to push the entire pin stack above the shear line, allowing the plug to rotate and the lock to open. These tools work with a variety of cylinders most commonly found in sold-bodied padlocks. The 4-Piece Comb set includes 4 tools and a tensioner designed for the following locks.

4-Pin Comb: Master 40mm series solid body padlocks and various clones of this common design. (M140, M141, etc.)

5-Pin Comb: Master 50 and 60mm solid body padlocks and some Abus padlocks. (M150, M160, Abus 55/60)

6-Pin Comb (Standard): Master 6-Pin Puck Locks and Trailer Hitch locks (A2000, A2001, 6271), American Series 748 and other locks utilizing the American 2001 series cylinder.