Five Pin Brass Cut Away Lock

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Five Pin Cut Away Lock

These brass cut away practice cylinders are the perfect tools for learning and improving your lock picking skills.

Fits perfectly in our Lockpicking Vise for hands free use.

Standard Five Pin Cut Away Lock

  • This Five pin Standard version is great for both learning and teaching how to lock pick. With the ability to both see and feel the pins set you will increase your ability to sense proper feedback from your picks as you increase you lock picking skills. Standard pins are the most common pins found in locks.

Spool Five Pin Cut Away Lock

  • This Five pin Spool version is perfect for learning how to pick more advanced locks. These high security pins are designed to bind and give what is called false set.  False set will give the feedback of having properly lifted the pin to the sheer line when in fact it has not been properly set. With a cut away spool pin lock you will be able to see and feel false set and learn how to apply it in the field.

Serrated Five Pin Cut Away Lock

  • This five pin Serrated version allows you to work on this specialized security pin. With several notches serrated pins bind in a very unique way. Serrated pins will give the picker a false set and at time may bind in the lock. With a cut away window the benefit of seeing and feeling the way serrated pins set and bind at the sheer line is invaluable.